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Kratom is found in three-color types:

Green Vein, Red Vein, and White Vein.

Green Vein Benefits


Kratom, which is actually part of the coffee family, provides users with a list of advantages that are inherent to its kind. It’s natural healing power helps maintain one’s healthy condition. The benefits of Green Vein Kratom, is general, are as follows:

Energy Booster
The Green Vein Kratom is widely used by many as an effective energy-boosting supplement. It provides increased energy to users, that allows them to face different adversities in life with renewed strength. This is most beneficial to people who handle energy-demanding work and even those that generally need some energizing agent, like coffee, to jumpstart their day.

Along with its energy boosting effects, the Green Vein Kratom is also famous for being a stimulant. In fact, it is well known to be more potent and effective as a stimulant among the other strains.

Pain Relief
The Green Vein Kratom is also proven to be effective for pain relief. Those who suffer from various bodily aches such as muscle and joint pains, headaches or a migraine can most benefit from this particular strain’s highly active pain relieving properties.

Increased Mental Function
One of the other many benefits of Kratom – the Green Vein, in particular, is its ability to provide users with enhanced cognitive and mental function. Those who consume Kratom testify of increased mental alertness and general clearer mindset when taking Kratom.

Although this particular benefit has only gained popularity in recent times, users who suffer from depression and stress claim of its ability to relieve one’s suffering by allowing them to feel more relaxed and less agitated.

Red Vein Benefits


The Red Vein Kratom variant can be consumed by either capsule or powder form, depending on your preference. Each form contains Alkaloid; a naturally form a compound that interacts with your body’s stimuli, akin with opioids, to produce various health benefits without any long-term damaging effects or addiction.

Red strains, specifically, is a milder version of the other kinds of Kratom and is usually taken in small or lower amount. Its positive effects are pain relief, stress relief, and anti-depression.

If taken in lower dosage, its effects are noted as follows:

Clearer focus
Becoming more attentive
Sedative effects
Going over a little of the said dosage, but considerably not too large, Red Bali Kratom promotes the following benefits:

Being calm
Better sleep
Relaxed muscles
Feeling positive, inspired

The said effects are beneficial to anyone who are facing various difficulties in life. If you are suffering from lack of focus, working in a stressful environment, having trouble sleeping and experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression, the Red Bali should be the best Kratom kind for you.

However, it is important to note that to achieve these health benefits, you must be mindful and responsible for your consumption. Don’t abuse its natural healing power and take too much of what is recommended, as this can lead to the development of some of its negative effects.

White Vein Benefits


The White Vein Borneo is perfect for those looking to have more energy in dealing with various adversaries of daily life. You may hear someone (me including) say, “I can’t work without my daily dose of coffee first!”

Well, in a sense, this strain can somehow be an alternative to that.

This particular strain works best for people who need an immediate energizing agent, those who face busy schedule daily and those working professionals or individuals whose work requires a steady flow of energy, strength, and concentration.

White Vein Kratom is known to provide such benefits listed below:

Increased focus and attention to details
Increased energy and physical capacity
Increased mental and cognitive function
Ability to think clearly to arrive at solution
Achieved feeling of euphoria
More prominent motivation and drive

The White Vein Borneo is also famous for being the most consistent to provide with such benefits among other Kratom strains. It also works best when taken at 3-6 grams regularly.

Caution: Like all natural remedies, Kratom also has it’s side effects. For more information, read our page on Kratom side effects.

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